CSI Quick Code Library

  • 55 CMS Charts
  • 3 Chart Simulations
  • CSI Quick Coaches 
  • Immersive Coding Simulation
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CSI Quick Codes TM

  • Quick Code TM is a virtual learning lab which simulates the production work environment of a risk-adjustment.
  • Quick Code TM presents the learner with scenarios of different complexity to include code validation, clinical support, specifically MEAT Criteria, and code all.
  • Quick Code TM environment further simulates a workflow found commonly in computer-assisted AI software environments.

CSI Quick Coach TM

Quick Coach is a concept-based multimedia educational resource delivered in a short vignette style to deliver succinct coding and clinical documentation advisement. Quick Coach information is footnoted and fully referenced to provide the user the seminal information used to synthesize the concepts for expansive learning if desired.