Apr 29

Why is Risk Adjustment Coding Training Academy For You?

Empowering Paths: From Novice to Expert Medical Coders

“I’m excited to start my new job next week with CSI Companies,” exclaims Jonna Wright, a current CSI’s RACTA (Risk Adjustment Coding Training Academy) student.  

Jonna is not alone on this journey. In just 12 weeks, a diverse group of individuals, including first-career seekers, second-career seekers, stay-at-home parents, and military spouses, came together to master the intricacies of the medical coding field under the guidance of CSI’s experienced instructors. 

 While several of the students had once worked in healthcare at the bedside of patients (some only to experience burnout), others entered the program with no prior experience in the field. The shared desire that united the students was to find a program and a career that would accommodate their unique lifestyles.  

Flexibility at its Finest 

In the rapidly evolving landscape of 2023, flexibility has become a coveted quality in any program, and RACTA students like Lissa Roche have found precisely that. “It was the perfect fit for me and my family,” Lissa shared. Students have the option to attend virtual classes in real time or access recorded sessions at their convenience. Instructors are readily available for personalized one-on-one discussions to explain the lessons further. To top it all off, CSI’s immersive learning tools, a proficiency-driven duo known as Quick Code and Quick Coach, allow students to test their coding and receive instant feedback.

A Reflection of Growth

Full-time CSI Coders Clarissa Dowrich and Sandra Sterling reflect on their time starting out in the medical coding field. They both share CSI’s distinctive approach to preparing coders. “Their training and resources made me feel confident that I could go into any project,” said Sandra, highlighting the empowering environment CSI creates.  

 With a robust industry experience spanning over 27 years, Clarissa emphasized how CSI’s leadership has even inspired her to pay it forward and mentor the next generation of coders. Clarissa shared her own initial apprehensions about learning the vast amounts of new information that becoming a medical coder requires. However, she reassured the current students that it is undoubtedly worthwhile, especially as they come to realize how code makes a tangible difference in people’s lives.  

 All current RACTA students who are interested in full-time employment and successfully complete the course will be moving into positions. If you are interested in becoming a professional medical coder, visit www.csiuniversityonline/RACTA today!