No Degree? No Problem.

Apr 19
In today’s ever-changing job market, having a college degree does not necessarily guarantee a superior professional journey. In 2023, companies are finding themselves in need of more workers than there are job seekers, creating a favorable climate for individuals without degrees. This shift presents increased opportunities for better pay and the freedom to choose flexible working arrangements. 

What Are Job Seekers Looking For?

Flexibility has become a highly sought-after benefit for professionals, with a recent survey revealing that a staggering 98 percent of respondents desire some form of remote work (Buffer). While remote work is attractive, other factors like career growth, purpose, and fulfillment remain significant priorities when considering job options. 

Recognizing the growing demand for accommodating yet fulfilling working conditions, CSI University has launched a training program designed to empower individuals to advance their careers while maintaining desired flexibility—the best of both worlds! The Risk Adjustment Coding Training Academy (RACTA) provides students with an opportunity to earn their CRC credential and gain practical coding experience through real-life healthcare scenarios. 

What is Risk Adjustment Coding Training Academy?

The comprehensive hands-on training in RACTA not only caters to the needs of healthcare professionals seeking a change from bedside practice but also serves as an advantageous choice for non-healthcare professionals and those exploring second career options. The program’s immersive experience molds all students into exceptional candidates, positioning them as highly desirable individuals in the eyes of employers. 

A key feature of RACTA is the dedication to personalized guidance. Every student is paired with a CSI University Career Coach who serves as a trusted mentor and recruiter. This unique approach ensures that students receive individualized support throughout the program while also benefiting from their coach’s connections with leading organizations.  

Reflecting on the impact of RACTA, Career Coach and CSI Delivery Manager Bailey Dotsikas shares her favorite quote by Beverly Sills: “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” Bailey emphasizes that CSI Coders embody this mindset, showcasing their versatility and motivation not only to pursue ongoing education but also to make rapid advancements in their medical coding careers.  

Learn More About RACTA

Registration for the next cohort is now open, offering eager learners a unique opportunity to expand their skill sets. To learn more about RACTA, including course dates, tuition, payment plans, and info sessions, visit