3 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Medical Coding

Apr 19
The healthcare industry is full of important professions, all designed to increase the quality of care received by patients. From physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and laboratory technicians who work tirelessly to enhance overall patient outcomes, to coders, billers, and finance professionals who prioritize data integrity–every role plays a vital part. With the growing demand for efficient and streamlined healthcare delivery, coding professionals are essential in today’s market. So, what makes a coding professional important, and could this be the career for you? 

Booming Market

The number of positions for medical records and health information technicians, which includes coders, is projected to increase by 13% between 2016-2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Several factors are causing a high demand for these professionals. As the population in the United States continues to age, the demand for medical testing and treatments, as well as reimbursement claims, is on the rise. This leads to a crucial need for professionals who can effectively manage and handle this wealth of information.

The transition to digital health records has also amplified the need for skilled medical coders and the demand for professionals who can ensure accurate billing and data integrity. A shortage of these professionals can lead to lost revenue and inaccurate claims, emphasizing the need for a qualified workforce across healthcare organizations. 

 Appealing Working Conditions

With the ability to work remotely and set flexible hours, coding professionals can enjoy the convenience of working from the comfort of their own space. These advantages not only reduce the stress of commuting but also allow them to increase productivity, leading to higher job satisfaction and a better work-life balance.

It also offers the added benefit of accommodating individuals with unique living situations, exemplified by individuals like Brittany Fidler, a military wife, who works as a medical coder. “Being able to work from home and have the flexibility of freedom has allowed me to have a career for myself,” she says. This opportunity empowers individuals in similar situations to pursue fulfilling careers without sacrificing their personal obligations.  

Career Growth Opportunities

According to a report by Market.us, the future of the U.S. Medical Coding Market is nothing short of promising. The market is projected to expand significantly, with its value estimated to reach an impressive $44.0 Billion by 2032. This data indicates that medical coding is here to stay, offering a plethora of growth opportunities, and providing professionals with stability and a compelling motivation to strive for career advancement.

Coder, Hayley Fields stands as solid proof of this reality. Through her dedication and ongoing commitment to accuracy, she has not only thrived in her role but has ascended to the rank of team lead. “This is my first leadership position in my coding career, and it really helped me grow, not only in my career path but as a person,” she says.  

Ready to Become a Medical Coder?  

Whether you’re seeking a flexible work schedule, a stable career path, or the satisfaction of knowing that your work plays a crucial role in patient care, the medical coding field is where you can find it all. CSI Companies fosters a positive and collaborative environment, empowering coders through exceptional training to ensure their readiness and success. CSI also offers an educational program designed specifically to help individuals earn their CRC credentials and gain the hands-on experience to kickstart a career in this field. Learn more at https://www.csiuniversityonline.com/racta